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Four Main Types Of Market Segmentation




You have spent a lot of time and money developing the perfect marketing strategy for your social media agency in Orange County, and you want your message to resonate with potential customers, right?

Communication is an art, and as the size of the audience increases, the chances of information being lost, confused, or completely avoided are very high. The wider is your audience, the broader will be their preferences, needs, and insights. This may put your social media marketing in Orange County at risk unrelated to a large group of people.

This is why segmenting the target market is essential. In this way, you can focus your marketing efforts on a single customer base and better meet their specific needs.

This approach gives your brand an edge over your competitors because you can prove to potential customers that you know them and what they need most.

What is market segmentation?

Market segmentation is the process that brands use to divide target markets into smaller groups of people with common characteristics to optimize marketing, advertising, and sales efforts.

Four market segments

You can use various approaches to do market segmentation. Let’s explain the four main market segmentation approaches and provide some examples to help you get started.

Whatever approach you choose differences in benefits, values, and preferences vary widely among cities, states, regions, and countries.

Geographical segmentation

Geographical segmentation locates customers based on predefined geographic boundaries. The differences in benefits, values, and preferences vary widely between cities, states, and countries, so marketers need to recognize these differences and advertise accordingly.

Consider products such as coats and swimwear. Winter coats are often sold in the country’s colder northern regions, while southern areas may only find coats in winter specialty stores.

Similarly, in warmer states the bathing suits are sold throughout the year, however, they are sold only during spring and summers in the colder countries. 

Use the most powerful intent data to find out the location of current and potential customers who are looking for your product.

Demographic segmentation

Demographic segmentation divides the market into variables such as age, gender, education, family size, occupation, and income, etc. Market segmentation is a widely used strategy because a particular product can satisfy a clear personal need involving at least one demographic element.

Age may be the most obvious of all of these variables, which is essential for marketers, as the fast-paced nature of changing preferences promotes them at all stages of life.

Even media consumption varies significantly between generations, so it’s essential to realize what your target age is and the channels they use to consume information.

Psychological segmentation

Different from geographic segmentation and population segmentation, psychological segmentation focuses on the inherent characteristics of target customers.

Psychological characteristics can include values, personality, interests, attitudes, conscious and subconscious motivations, lifestyles, and perspectives. To understand your target customers at this level, methods such as focus groups, surveys, interviews, and case studies can successfully compile such conclusions.

Think about the lifestyles of people who live off the surf in small towns by the sea and those in big cities where American companies work. Their daily needs and needs are very different, and marketers must recognize these differences to succeed.

Behavioral segmentation

Behavioral segmentation is similar to the measurement of psychological segmentation but focuses on specific responses and how customers make decisions and purchase processes.

Attitude towards your brand, how it is used, and its knowledge base are examples of behavioral segmentation. Collecting such data is similar to how you look for mental data. Review sites may also be a useful tool when searching for this information.

Brand loyalty is a good example of behavioral segmentation. I bet you will think of a brand when reading this article, even if you haven’t read the reviews, you can continue to buy and trust enough to buy new products of that brand.

This type of brand loyalty results in a consistent buying pattern, which is categorized as behavioral characteristics. Marketers work hard to make consumers love and stay loyal to their brands to maintain a constant buying cycle.

Ready to implement your market segmentation strategy?

Here are five simple steps to implement the market segmentation strategy.

Define your market

Find out where does your brand and product fit in the current market environment? How big is the market? These are essential issues to consider when starting this step.

Segment your market

This is an exciting part of segmentation. Decide which of the four segmentation methods you want to use. Remember, you can use multiple! Find the perfect combination for your brand.

Know your market

Ask your customer base questions about the segmentation category you selected. In this step, you should gradually understand the target market.  Make sure the questions you ask in the survey will provide measurable solutions.

Build your customer base

Explain the responses you receive to create dynamic segments unique to your brand.

Test your strategy

Make sure your answers are correctly interpreted by testing on your target market. If you have no relationship with the segment you created, you will need to reconsider your survey methodology and analysis.

Take marketing strategy to the next level

For each marketing team, market segmentation is a very effective strategy. Prove that you know them by providing customers with tailored information to understand their lives.

What do you think about market segmentation and which segmentation strategy you are using for your social media in Orange County, tell us in the comment section below!

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Beginner Tips For Instagram





When it comes to Instagram, you need to realize just how important and crucial it is for you to use it to your advantage when marketing online. This is especially important for those who are starting out in using the app and will often make careless mistakes when creating an account and trying to build some online momentum for themselves. In order to ensure that as few people as possible make such mistakes as possible, let’s go over the best starting tips for beginners in using Instagram to excel at social media.

The Audience

Before you do anything, you’re going to need to understand what your audience is going to want or be interested in the most when you post content online. I’m not just talking about the type of content that you’ll be posting about; however, you should also know who uses Instagram the most to ensure you’re getting the most out of it. Most statistics have shown that Instagram users have primarily been between the ages of 18-30, so keep that in mind so that you’re certain that this is the platform for you.

Photo and Bio

When you create your profile for the first time, you need to make sure that two factors stand out in the best way possible: your profile photo and your bio. Considering the former first, let’s start with what we know. We know that your bio must adhere to 150 Characters and is what is used to make a first impression on your target audience. In this bio, you should throw in just what your brand is about with just the right amount of personality to make you stand out from the rest. With your profile pic, it’s the same idea, but with just a few different tweaks. Having a photo that embodies your brand while having a clear, concise, yet striking appearance is the best way to get the attention you need. Just remember to put your best foot forward from the getgo because it’s rare to get second chances in that regard.

Hashtags and Engagement

When you upload the best content that you can put up, you need to make sure that it matters through other factors outside of the content you create. One method is through hashtags, as the right keywords here and there can make a single post get much more attention if you focus on what is trending at the moment. And if you do get the attention that you want with people commenting on a post or picture you’ve uploaded, go out of your way to follow up on it so that you can get engagement with the base to get even more attention!


When you try to make a name for yourself on Instagram, it’s not just about making quality posts; it’s also about making a good first splash amongst those who might be interested in seeing what you have to offer. If you manage to follow this advice and keep yourself engaged with those interested in your brand, then staying relevant on social media can be a more obtainable goal than you previously thought. 

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How To Stay Positive During COVID-19 Pandemic





The coronavirus outbreak has shut the borders, pushed back people to their homes, and resulted in an economic downturn. While most businesses with social media in Los Angeles are doing their best to update us about the COVID-19, we feel overwhelmed by the state of the world, and it’s critical to stay positive. People are working super hard in times when social distancing is a must. In such a situation, we must take care of ourselves and our loved ones. 

Below are the proactive steps that you can take to stay positive, even in times of anxiety and stress. 

Distract yourself 

Humans are curious by nature. It is effortless to turn over the news of the COVID-19 outbreak almost every single second. You can distract yourself by working out indoors, doing some cooking, engage with your kids, or spring cleaning your house. 

Meditate, but it might not help you every time 

As a common idea, meditation might help cope up with the situation. Meditate if it works for you, if it doesn’t, you can do some other activities I mentioned while you are at home. 

Reframe the situation

Stay calm, reframe the situation, and be pragmatic. For example, trying to control the situation and telling yourself that ‘I will never be sick’ is more harmful. Instead, you can convince yourself to do your best not to be. If you try to be a perfectionist, it will hurt you further, and that’s why you’ll likely respond with more guilt, shame, and anger. 

The more you try to control any situation, the more it will create anxiety and worry. On the other hand, focusing on what can be controlled will decrease the feeling of anxiety and stress. 

Never be obsessed over being happy and positive, it’s harmful 

Those who strive to be happy all the time tend to feel lonely and disconnected from others. Seeking happiness is hazardous, and actively pursuing happiness leads to reverse effects. The rule is simple; the more we try to focus on our joy, the lesser we are concerned about the joy of others. As a result, we feel disconnected and isolated. When you search for joy, you will feel like time is slipping away, and you will be more stressed. Instead of chasing happiness all the time, focus on the small things that often make you happy. 

Focus on little things that make you happy 

Again a wise approach to stay positive during the COVID-19 pandemic is to focus on positive things. Positive psychology emphasizes focusing on the small things that make a huge difference. Every single day you can take just 10 minutes to focus on the things that make you happy. A great way to do that is to keep a daily journal where you can document and reflect on anything that makes you happy. 

Do some spring cleaning 

Spring cleaning your home during this quarantine period is a great idea. It is critical because you will be working from home during this period. It is hard to focus on things among all the clutter. Declutter your home office to get the job done more efficiently. A messy workplace is often associated with a lack of efficiency, a dirty kitchen will result in poor health, and a disorganized bedroom is associated with difficulty sleeping. 

Use social media wisely

Social media is a great way to connect with your friends and family. So many social media companies in Los Angeles are putting in efforts to keep their followers updated. Today social media is flooded with all sorts of news than ever before, and you should lessen the self-imposed screen time if you see and read bad news. Try to keep your phone out of the bedroom to help you minimize the negativity and focus on the positive news that social media brings. 

Stop panicking about the current situation, take some time out, and consider taking steps that we have mentioned above to refresh yourself. Businesses with social media in Los Angeles strive hard to keep their followers updated regarding how they can stay safe amid COVID-19. 

What are the measures that you take to keep yourself during the COVID pandemic? Let us know.  

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COVID-19 is Changing the Way Businesses Approach Digital Marketing





We are living in strange times. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, companies have had to adjust their marketing strategies in order to address the elephant in the room. It can be difficult for some businesses to find the balance between social awareness and self branding. However, social media Orange County experts are here to give their guidance on this rough patch that we’re facing as a global community. 

There is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each company needs to start by looking at their target audience and brand message. Through a deep understanding of this foundation, companies can begin to adjust to the reality of the situation and craft a new marketing strategy that takes current events into account. 

Social Media is Becoming More Important Than Ever

Social media experts in Orange County are seeing a spike in social media platform usage now that everyone is at home in quarantine. In March alone, Facebook apps have experienced a 70 percent increase in users. Not only are people looking for entertainment, but they are also seeking the social connection that they are missing from their everyday and wanting to follow up on the latest news.

Marketing companies are having to rethink campaigns and transition to email and social media platforms in order to continue a dialogue with consumers. Now that people are on their phones more consistently, there are a variety of platforms that have been gaining traction. Snapchat and TikTok are two of the most popular apps for entertainment. Snapchat experienced a 47 percent growth of Android users in South Korea this March.

These numbers are hard for marketing companies to ignore. Now that more people are paying attention to social media platforms, it’s becoming increasingly important to use them as a channel for brand messaging. However, companies need to be careful with how they approach this transition in order to ensure that audiences are not taken off guard.  

Experts in Orange County share their guide for navigating social media strategies in the wake of COVID-19: 

Understand Your Audience

One of the first steps that any marketer should take to develop a successful marketing strategy is to assess the target audience. With an appropriate understanding of the consumer, you will be better able to craft your brand message. In a time of crisis, this is especially important as you do not want to be insensitive to your audience’s feelings. Empathy is an important foundation for any marketing campaign.  

So, even if you have already been marketing to the same audience for a while, you should still check in with their perspective now and then to make sure that you are adjusting to their needs. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone’s daily lives have dramatically changed and even the most static audience is going to want some reassurance and sensitivity. 

The way that you can reevaluate your target audience is by going back to the basics. What is their age, location, gender, income level? What are their interests? Statistics like these will help you identify their potential situation as a result of COVID-19. 

Once you have a basic idea of who you are marketing toward, you can start to do some research. How is this general group coping with what’s going on? What are they looking for in brands that they trust? You can start to answer these questions with research findings and observations as well as think about how your product or service is going to fill the gap in these consumers’ lives.

Your audience will react positively to thoughtful marketing campaigns that fulfill their current needs. This strategy will also prove that your company is one worth following and supporting, whether in times of crisis or not. 

Here are some ways in which your marketing strategies may change in the time of COVID-19:

  • Increased sensitivity, more attention to the consumer. 
  • Focus on social media engagement rather than ROI. 
  • Recognize that reports will not be as straightforward or KPI-based.  
  • Do not discard campaigns for a lack of sales, they may function well in a different period of time. 

These are just some of the ways that marketing companies are going to have to adjust to the time we are living in. The most important aspect of your strategy should be to continue growing with consumers and inviting new consumers in with your brand awareness. This does not necessarily mean that your sales are going to skyrocket right away (although, some industries are thriving more than others) but it does mean that you are strengthening your company as a whole. Once consumer routines settle in your favor, then you will be benefiting from your marketing adjustments. 

Engage in New Platforms

If there is ever a time to try your hand at social media marketing on new platforms, it is now. Marketing companies are not only exploring new platforms but they are also adjusting their posting schedules and content to resonate with audiences in a time of crisis. This is one way to continue a meaningful relationship with audiences. 

Here are some examples of new ways to engage on social media:

  • Video content may be a new way to market your product or service. Exciting mediums like this will help audiences pay attention to what you have to say. 
  • Utilize various engagement properties on social media platforms. Apps like Instagram and Twitter have poll options and other built-in methods of asking for feedback. Some people may be more likely to engage in something like this rather than normal commenting.
  • Keep track of more things: audience engagement, competitor strategies, and industry influencers. You never know when you may gain some insight from routine observations. 
  • Ask your audience to contribute to your social media! You may ask consumers to share stories of the way that your product or service benefitted them. You may even ask for them to share personal videos and photos to go along with these testimonials. People are more likely to participate now that they have more time at home. 

Social media is one of the best mediums right now for marketers to connect to consumers, just as it is the best place for people to connect with their community. Now that everyone is stuck at home, it is important to maintain that line of dialogue that is always necessary to keep your company relevant and your product or service sought out. With thoughtful social media marketing strategies, you will be able to strengthen your bond with consumers. Your audience will appreciate your efforts to inform, entertain, and inspire in this time of crisis and will choose to support your company when they are back on their feet. 

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