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How To Market My Business With Youtube



For Those Who Wonder How To Market My Business With Youtube

Visual content has continued to grow more popular. This has paved the way for streaming services that have more and more content flowing to laptops and PCs, phones, and televisions. Youtube is at the forefront of this wave of content, and you would be foolish if you weren’t taking advantage of it as a business owner. But how to market my business with Youtube, you might ask? Here are a couple of tips that should get you pointed in the right direction.


Much like having a popular website, part of what you want to be doing with your Youtube videos is optimizing, so that as many people as possible are being attracted to your content. What you want to do is make sure that you’re using keywords in your description of the videos, your tags, and your title, that directly relate to whatever the content is you’re trying to promote. If you’re unsure of exactly how to do that, the best thing you can do is bring in a social media consultant. They should be able to give you tips on optimization, or, if you’re looking to save time and make sure the job gets done right, you can hire them to do it for you.


It’s also a good idea to have such things as annotations for your videos, and transcriptions. Annotations are little text blurbs you can add to the videos at different points, and transcriptions are just text-based rendering of your video’s content. Like with the keywords, there are descriptions on Youtube of how to do this, but if you’re unsure of your footing, those trusty social media consultants can help you out with this as well. It really becomes just a question of how confident you are setting up these features by yourself, and how much time you’re willing to dedicate to it.


Once your videos are online and optimized, you should be feeling good about your chances of reaching your target audience. Be sure to promote your videos via all your channels, to try and generate as much interest in them as possible, and only post your best work. There’s a lot of competition out there for viewers, and for the money they have to spend.


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What Are The Top 4 Best Social Media Platforms for SEO?





In terms of SEO, social media is an effective strategy. By giving your material a wider audience, increasing website traffic and exposure, enhancing the reputation of your brand, and extending the life of your content, it aids in boosting your search engine rankings. Social networking is a must if you want to promote yourself or your business. But which social media platforms are the best to use? Using our knowledge, we, as people with connections to a web design company in Anaheim, have compiled the top five social media platforms you must consider for your brand.


Unsurprisingly, Facebook, the most popular social media platform in the world, is a sanctuary for content producers. Today, Facebook has more than 2.9 billion active monthly users, according to Statista. To maintain traction, you can efficiently distribute links to your website and ask your followers to do the same for other individuals.

Facebook‘s ability to let Google and other search engines crawl through and index specific pages is a significant benefit. Users can now quickly look up Facebook pages on search engines and read reviews because even comments on the site have begun appearing in search engine results. Sharing your content on Facebook will help you rank higher in search results and expand your audience.


Twitter and Facebook are similar. If your readers actively engage in your content, your website could gain a lot of attention from its estimated 290.5 million global users. Twitter’s character limit of 140 is well-known. Ensure your links and descriptions are as concise as feasible to capture readers’ attention. 

However, you must watch out that you only publish high-quality content and not too frequently, since doing so can be spammy and send readers away from your content. Hashtags are another thing that Twitter is well known for, and people use these keywords to find posts quickly. To increase the searchability of your material, include pertinent hashtags in your postings. Your SEO will improve the more visible you are on Twitter, say the top web design companies in Irvine.


Pinterest functions as a search engine as well as a social media platform. Users can search for whatever they like here, including items they’re interested in buying, keep up with their favorite brands to take advantage of bargains and keep an eye out for new products, connect with other users and brands with similar interests, and generally just become inspired.

Make a Pinterest business account first. Because Pinterest gives more weight to users who produce unique material for themselves, having a site with your goods and services is crucial. When everything is good to go, you can begin scheduling your posts. According to reports, Pinterest users choose smaller brands and companies. If you produce thoughtful content reasonably frequently, the Pinterest algorithm will recognize you and start progressively moving up the rankings in no time. 

As long as you post reasonably well-thought-out posts reasonably frequently, the Pinterest algorithm will pick you up, and you’ll rank steadily in no time.


Of all websites in the world, LinkedIn has the largest professional network. On this social networking site, job seekers can publish their resumes, look for employment openings, and companies can hire people for particular positions. LinkedIn has a trustworthy and respectable reputation that might produce social media leads due to its professionalism. 80% of B2B social media leads originate from LinkedIn, according to their marketing blog!

Increasing SEO on your company’s LinkedIn profile increases your visibility to LinkedIn users and web searchers. A quick technique to increase traffic is by including a few keywords related to your business and structuring your tagline and the section around them. For instance, a web design company in Anaheim’s LinkedIn profile may say they are specialists in local SEO, Google AdWords, and website building.

You’ve got the knowledge now, so use it!

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What Happened to Tumblr?




Learn from Tumblr’s Mistakes as apart of your Los Angeles social media agency journey

A decade ago, Tumblr was the cool social media platform on the block. It was very popular with middle school, high school, and undergraduate-age Internet users. It even seemed like a useful place to promote yourself or your personal brand, but in more recent years it seems as if it’s not as talked about as it used to be. Despite hosting 539 million blogs as of July 2021, what exactly happened to the micro-blogging giant and why is it not successful as it was in the early-to-mid-2010s? Have the kids simply moved on to new horizons to get their fix of hilarious gifs, or are there certainly marketing tactics that have backfired and resulted in the corporation failing to drive traffic these days? This Los Angeles social media agency has answers.

First, let’s rewind for a little bit and briefly learn about the history of the website. Tumblr was founded in early 2007 (Almost 15 years ago! Wow!) by David Karp. While it took a couple of years to hit the mainstream, within the first two weeks since the official launch it already attracted 75,000 users. Not bad! Users love Tumblr because of how customizable it was. You could copy and paste using your own custom layout on your blog which made it super addictive. Its ability to allow the users to make their experience super personalizable made it similar to the former social media giant MySpace in that regard. In June 2013, Karp sold Tumblr to Yahoo. And then they sold it to Oath in 2017, and they sold it to Verizon in 2019, and then Verizon sold it to Automatic (the owner of WordPress) that same year. Yeah, you can definitely see where things are going from here. To make matters even worse, Tumblr’s current owner bought the website for only $3 million, despite it previously being purchased for $1.1 billion by Yahoo. Yikes.

There are several problems with Tumblr. For one, there is a significant limit to video uploading. Statistically speaking, people spend an average of 2.6x more time on a page with a video. Unfortunately, the cat gifs are only going to get you so far. People love their videos, and that’s why YouTube is the second most visited website in the entire world, with the average person spending 21 minutes a day watching videos (21 minutes x 365 = 7665 minutes = 5.32291667 days per year). These facts alone make it apparent why TikTok has taken off as well as it has. While you can upload videos up to 5 minutes long on Tumblr, they cannot exceed a size of 100MB. On TikTok, videos cannot be longer than 3 minute, but they allow up to 287.6 MB in file size. Most videos uploaded to Tumblr are usually links from YouTube. This is good to bring even more traffic to YouTube, but not so much to bringing traffic to content that originated on Tumblr.

Another issue with Tumblr was a big decision made in December 2018. During this time, Tumblr decided to make the platform family-friendly and auto-flagging content that was deemed “sensitive.” However, no algorithm is perfect, and Tumblr’s was way off.  Many people creating blogs that were even G-rated were flagged. While many popular websites do not allow content that is not suitable for underage users, namely Facebook and Instagram, it’s Tumblr deciding to drastically alter the image – and doing so in a very unstrategic manner – that ultimately hurt them.This incident served as a public relations disaster for Tumblr. 

Brand consistency is extremely important for your online presence. While we encourage you to make improvements to your brand as you bloom as an entrepreneur, making substantial, contrasting changes may hurt you in more than one way. Think of it this way: if you open a gluten-free bakery and have already established a loyal clientbase, they will probably be upset if you decide to scrap this and decide that gluten-free goodies aren’t hip anymore. You could try to expand your clientbase by adding gluten products to the menu, but this would probably damage your image if people have always known you as the gluten-free bakery in town. It’s no secret that you can’t please everyone, but if you significantly upset your clientbase, you won’t only find yourself with less profit but with less clicks on your website and engagement on your social media pages, and this, as you can already imagine, is a big red flag.

Changing your image too drastically can also hurt you in SEO rankings. Ask any of the social media agencies in Los Angeles and they’ll tell you so! If your primary keyword has “best dog groomer Orange County,” but you decided to rebrand as a general pet store, you  might still get some hits, but the Internet does not simply forget what has already been done (for better or for worse!). Google will likely still cache Lucky’s Pet Store as Lucky’s Dog Groomer, and even if you announce your re-branding on Facebook, both the search engines and your audience will likely be confused. We understand that sometimes brand changes are necessary for legal and financial reasons, but we recommend doing this as a final resort only for the sake of your SEO rankings and your client loyalty. This will put your competitors at a considerable advantage, and you may find yourself in the dust compared to them as you fight for that spot on the first page of a Google search result. 

So what? What does your favorite Los Angeles social media agency think you can learn from Tumblr? While it is probably not your first choice in social media marketing, and even if you’re not looking to launch the next big social media site, there is a lot that you as an entrepreneur looking to drive traffic to your website or your social media pages can take away from this story. Firstly, it is very important to stay up-to-date with the times. It can sound like a major chore, but the truth is that in the digital age, if you want your business to succeed, you will have to do this. Tumblr failed to keep up with many of the latest trends from its user base, resulting in them to migrate elsewhere. 

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Three of the Funniest, Safe-For-Work Memes to Use For Your Social Media Marketing in December 2021





If you love memes, then you may have considered using them for your online marketing campaign to better connect with your target audience. Even if you are good at editing, you might find yourself asking a lot of questions, “What memes are most popular with my consumers these days?” “Would it even be appropriate for my company?” Gone are the days of memes such as rage comics and advice animals that lasted for years, as it seems like every few weeks a new trend is born. But fear not, fellow Internet explorer, for the most awesome-tastic Los Angeles social media agency has got you covered! We have conveniently compiled some of the latest family-friendly memes, even a few that we created ourselves for your reference (image macros aren’t necessarily special, though, so bear with us just a bit!).

1. Two Guys on a Bus

This meme originated from a cartoon drawn in 2013 by Brazilian artist Genildo Ronchi. The original version of the image reads, “Escolha o Lado Feliz da Vida!”, which is Portuguese for “Choose the happy side of life!” Earlier this year, the cartoon made its way to the English-speaking realm of the Internet, where its meme-a-bility was taken advantage of. As many memes contrast good vs bad, it’s easy to see how Two Guys on a Bus can be used to promote your brand. You can save the template and make your own version here.

2. Disney+’s The Beatles Documentary

They need no introduction, as half a century after the world-renowned band broke up, their music has continued to be adored by generations all across the world, and their new documentary, Get Back, streaming on Disney+ is proof of that. Since its release in November 2021, the citizens of the World Wide Web have gotten creative by adding fake subtitles that will make you laugh. Whether you’re a freelance worker or one of the biggest social media companies in Los Angeles Why not have one of the most recognizable bands of all time endorse your brand?

3. Anthony Adams Rubbing Hands

If you’re concerned about timing and relevance, then you might want to select a meme that has enjoyed a longer lifespan and is not as recent as a few months old. In this case, we would recommend considering the meme of Anthony Adams rubbing his hands behind a tree. Despite being around for a couple of years, it has remained a useful and funny meme that can be applied to many different situations. Are you a professional painter with potential clients unsure of which color to use for their living room refurbishment? Then you probably are finding yourself rubbing your hands together eager to assist them!

A final word

Even if you are good at editing, sometimes the question of “is it appropriate?” might dawn on you if you are contemplating using memes for your company’s social media accounts. Even if you don’t work for a Los Angeles social media agency, there are certainly benefits to doing this, and there are literally hundreds of popular memes out there to choose from! However, depending on your audience and the type of services you provide, it is ultimately up to you to decide if utilizing the power and the fun of memes is a good move for your online marketing strategy. If you choose to go for it, we recommend using them periodically. Much like overusing SEO terms can decrease your company’s website from appearing on the front page of a Google search, overusing memes can exhaust your audience. 

This blog is brought to you by Drive Traffic Media, a leading social media marketing company in Los Angeles.

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