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Social Media Marketing Techniques That Will Grow Your Orange County Business




If you are using social media marketing to grow sales for your Orange County business, then you’re on the right track.


Social media can be a key component of your strategy as you try to find new customers and retain old ones. Here are a couple of current techniques that you’ll likely find beneficial.




Many Orange County business owners don’t understand how useful hashtags can be for your branding efforts. If you can come up with some hashtags that are representative of your brand that you’re using along with your Twitter posts, it can put your message in front of a wide range of people.


Using social media monitoring tools like Hootsuite can help you keep track of which of your hashtags are gaining traction. Twitter works well with a single hashtag per tweet, but you should use no more than three if you want to get the most engagement. If you’re using hashtags with Instagram, then you can feel free to use as many as eight or ten. As for Facebook, you’ll want to avoid hashtags entirely for your posts there.


In all situations, hashtags are well-suited for high profile happenings, so if you’re having a huge sale or some other promotion, you should introduce one corresponding to it well before the event itself.


Your Posts Can Align with a Trending Topic


You should have a schedule of posts each day for every one of your social media platforms, Orange County, but you should also keep an eye on current events. That’s a great way to make new potential customers aware of your brand because many people keep track of news cycles and the hashtags that go along with them.


If your company can align one of your services or products with something that is in the news, you can grab some of that attention for yourself.


Just be sure that you align yourself with something suitable that won’t be interpreted as controversial or get you any negative press. It works much better if you can parody a humorous situation or add your voice to a conversation that touches on universal themes.


Social media in Orange County presents so many different opportunities for interaction, and the only limits are your creativity.


Though the techniques we mentioned are likely to work for you right now, you’ll always want to attempt some ideas of your own and keep a close watch on trends associated with various platforms. That way you can try and get a post to go viral. If it happens just once you might reap some significant benefits and leap ahead both with your social media followers and sales.


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Techniques Of Social Media Companies To Spread Brand Awareness





Social media companies in Los Angeles must change with the times, but it is even more critical for them than it is for the providers of other services. The reason is that it is expected for social media companies to be at the forefront of emerging technology.


That is true when it comes to their knowledge of all of the different aspects and features of social media platforms, but also many other areas related to them. Those include video production, voice search, the best use of hashtags, etc.


The best social media companies in Los Angeles are the ones who can do more than just crank out content for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every day. The ones that truly excel can produce content that uses the most up-to-the-minute techniques that are likely to make that content go viral.


Video Production


Video content is becoming more vital for companies every day, regardless of what it is that they manufacture. It’s a must for every company to have a YouTube channel, and your social media agency needs to figure out what kind of videos are going to make potential customers flock to you.


The best companies have production teams that know how to make branded videos that are as anticipated as Hollywood movie premiers. They know how to produce videos that are so funny, informative, or otherwise noteworthy that even people who are not regularly interested in your niche will go out of their way to see them.


That’s the definition of going viral: making people from all different spectrums want to check out your content.


Voice Search


Optimizing for voice search is something that social media companies should know how to do as well, Los Angeles. Voice search is being used more by people who are trying to locate services and products, but Alexa won’t automatically take someone to a website every time. It’s also possible that a social media post might be the first answer that makes sense if it’s phrased the right way.


Social media companies need to be aware of how to formulate posts that are optimized for voice search. It’s a way to spread some brand recognition to people who might not be familiar with your company yet.




Hashtags seem easy enough to use, and the premise is not complicated. But hashtags on some social media platforms tend to get a lot more traction than others, and they need to be researched beforehand.


Also, some social media platforms demand one or two hashtags per post, while others might benefit from ten or more. You can rely on informed social media companies to show you the way.


The social media companies that can do you the most good are the ones that are well versed in every aspect of fan interaction. They need to know how to converse with your followers, relate to them, and bring in more.


Growth through social media must be nurtured with delicacy. Only then will you make meaningful relationships with your customers and potential customers.    


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Various Instagram Grids For Social Media Marketing





Of all the different platforms that you can use in Orange County for social media marketing, Instagram is probably the one that is most visually-oriented. If you have a creative streak, then likely you will enjoy learning how to use it.


But Instagram is about more than just throwing up some pictures any which way and hoping that they’ll amount to a positive representation of your brand. You need to demonstrate mastery of the platform, which is why you need to take some time to style an Instagram grid layout.


Why Use a Grid Layout Tool?


There are several tools on the market in Orange County for laying out an Instagram grid, but why should you bother to use one?


The answer is that people who come across the Instagram feed for your business are going to expect it to look professionally curated. If this was your personal Instagram account, then you could be a little more careless about the way you set it up.


You’re trying to use your pictures to tell a story. Your profile should be your visual voice, and it should proclaim why people will want to buy your products.


You’re trying to sell a lifestyle and an aesthetic. You can’t do that with some hastily thrown together pictures. You’re also looking for a consistent color scheme that connects your posts. These are two of the best grid layout tools that can help you do that.


Preview App


The Preview app is available for Android and iOS, and it has an intuitive interface that allows you to switch planned posts around with just the tap of a button. You can plan out your Instagram strategy days in advance, Orange County, and that will let you focus on other parts of your social media marketing.


It also has an editing tool that allows you to make slight edits to images that you feel need to be tweaked so that they will match the look or feel of the others in that particular grid.


You can also load an unlimited number of images to the Preview app for free. That’s going to come in handy if you have a major Instagram campaign planned. It even comes with analytics tools that you can use to figure out how much engagement you are getting.




Planoly is the other Instagram grid planning tool that is worth your time to investigate.


With it, you can create and manage the hashtags that are going to go with your images. Hashtag usage is critical with Instagram, Orange County, so that is no small thing. You can use it to plan your posts and stories as well.


The analytics features are also among the best that you’re likely to find, as you can get an understanding of what sorts of images are working best for your niche as time goes on.


You can also use it to split up your posts in such a way that you’re getting maximum impact from them.


You can schedule your campaign straight from the app, but instead of posting automatically, it sends you a reminder that one of the times is coming up when you wanted to send out the next set of images. You can look over what you have to see if you’re going to make any last-minute changes before the pictures go live on your account.


Instagram can be used for the bulk of your social media marketing if you like, Orange County, or you can use it to drum up interest in your brand. In either case, you should use tools like the ones mentioned to make sure that the images that you’re putting out depict your company in the way that will get you the most positive feedback.


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What Orange County Can Expect From Social Media In 2019





Each year brings changes and innovation in social media to Orange County, and 2019 should be no exception. Here’s some of what’s on tap for the next twelve months.


The Twitter Edit Button


Many influencers on Twitter, not to mention users with an average number of followers, have contacted Twitter trying to lobby for an edit button. The lack of one has been seen as a problem, especially when so many other social media platforms have some version of it.


In 2019, Twitter has stated that they will respond to the masses and add this feature. It’s about time: nothing is more embarrassing than when one of your tweets gains traction, and you see that the reason for it is an embarrassing typo.


Instagram May Top Facebook


At one point, it seemed inconceivable that any social media platform would overtake Facebook in Orange County. However, in 2019, Instagram seems poised to do just that.


Although Facebook still sees a tremendous amount of engagement every day, the figures continue falling off, mainly because of seemingly endless privacy issues. Also, there’s a drop off for those under the age of 30.  


What to take from this is that advertisers should be focused on Instagram, perhaps even more than Facebook by the end of next year. Vertical video, a new feature on Instagram, seems to be one of the most popular advertising methods, as companies like Chipotle have made a splash by using it.


If your brand is on Instagram, then you should think about launching a bold new advertising initiative to try and reach some younger customers.


The Rise of UGC


UGC stands for user-generated content, and some Orange County companies have been taking advantage of it across various social media platforms.


If you are running ad campaigns for your company across several platforms, then you know how exhausting it can be to come up with new promotional material every day. UGC presents an opportunity for you to get some positive word-of-mouth about your services and products that is even more valuable than an ad because it is being produced organically.


It’s an easy process. All you have to do is first come up with a question to ask your followers or an idea on which they can expand.


You launch the concept, promote it, and amplify it. Then, you curate the best content that your fans create, and you share it on your marketing channels.


You can offer an incentive that you feel will best motivate all of your followers. If your idea strikes the right tone within your niche, it could go viral.


As always, a new year brings new chances to promote your company and its products via social media, Orange County. If you were less than thrilled by your ad campaigns and your ROI last year, this is your chance to get it right. Dive into social media advertising, and keep an eye out for new trends as they emerge.   


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